Oahu, Hawaii

So for the first time ever, Peter and I got to take a vacation. As I am writing this, we are still in Hawaii and just getting started. I’ll be updating this blog with more adventures and also posting another one for our excursion to Molokai.

Our flight to Honolulu was long but fine. Just under 12 hours non stop. I have to say though, Hawaiian Airlines really does do a good job. You instantly because my favorite airline when you give me free wine. It doesn’t take much.

For the first few days we explored close to downtown Honolulu. We hiked Diamond Head, which was pretty easy, spotted a Lagoon in the distance, found it on google maps and went there to swim afterwards. We are spending the majority of our trip in downtown Honolulu with our awesome friend Adam ( CEO & Co-Founder at Charisma Industries) We only have a few goals on our trip. 1) Try a lot of the local breweries
2) Hike to burn off all the beer calories
Good plan, right?


On Sunday we spent the day with our friend Adam and had so many great adventures. Starting with a great hike, it wasn’t long, but definitely tiring. At the top we explored an old tunnel, had some treats, and made the descent down. It felt about 100 degrees out so diving into Hanauma Bay was very welcoming. We saw plenty colorful fish, including a rainbow fish that keep swimming between Peter’s feet. We took some photos with an underwater camera and I will update this when they get developed!