Official Photographer Metro New England for Miss United States & Miss World America!

After weeks (maybe months) of planning, I’m finally ready to announce my role as the Official Photographer for the Metro New England for Miss United States & Miss World America! Can’t wait for all the beauties and their headshots and what will be amazing pageants at Foxwoods and the Palace Theater!

This week I will be putting together information on headshots, deals for current title holders and more! Headshots will be held at my studio locations in Maine and CT with a headshot day in Boston as well!
Check back on my facebook page for more info!


Oahu, Hawaii

So for the first time ever, Peter and I got to take a vacation. As I am writing this, we are still in Hawaii and just getting started. I’ll be updating this blog with more adventures and also posting another one for our excursion to Molokai.

Our flight to Honolulu was long but fine. Just under 12 hours non stop. I have to say though, Hawaiian Airlines really does do a good job. You instantly because my favorite airline when you give me free wine. It doesn’t take much.

For the first few days we explored close to downtown Honolulu. We hiked Diamond Head, which was pretty easy, spotted a Lagoon in the distance, found it on google maps and went there to swim afterwards. We are spending the majority of our trip in downtown Honolulu with our awesome friend Adam ( CEO & Co-Founder at Charisma Industries) We only have a few goals on our trip. 1) Try a lot of the local breweries
2) Hike to burn off all the beer calories
Good plan, right?


On Sunday we spent the day with our friend Adam and had so many great adventures. Starting with a great hike, it wasn’t long, but definitely tiring. At the top we explored an old tunnel, had some treats, and made the descent down. It felt about 100 degrees out so diving into Hanauma Bay was very welcoming. We saw plenty colorful fish, including a rainbow fish that keep swimming between Peter’s feet. We took some photos with an underwater camera and I will update this when they get developed!

Hiking to Kaniakapupu Palace, Oahu

First let me explain something, getting to Kaniakapupu Palace isn’t actually a hike, it’s very close to the road. We were following some bad directions and walked for about a mile past the turn we needed. It was the best thing we could have done though. I’ve never seen bamboo so dense. It was out of this world.

So before we even entered the trail, the road leading to it was beautiful. The tree and bamboo had overgrown and tangled together, creating a natural tunnel. The trail head was literally just an unmarked separation in the bamboo.

After we missed our turn, we stumbled across some really cool things! One was a small stream with a mini waterfall. There was also an old tent left with what looked like all of someone’s belongings. Shoes, clothes, luggage, cooler… Not really sure what was going on there. The bamboo got really dense and we had to weave in and out, and climb over a lot of fallen trees. Once the trail started to become unrecognizable, we turned around and headed towards the ruins.

The ruins were amazing! It wasn’t large but so, so beautiful! It was misting a little and everything looked so green. People left offerings for the king in front of the palace, mostly granola bars.

On the road walking back to the car, we turned to see one of the most beautiful sites. This tree was absolutely amazing. The light hitting it, the mountains in the background, and the vegetation growing up the surrounding trees. I won’t soon be forgetting that view.

Best Way to Soften Your Beard

Aside from looking good, one can feel the difference between healthy beards to an unhealthy one. A hydrated, soft and easy to tame beard is a sign of a healthy one while beard itch, un-stylable scruff, and split ends is a manifestation of an unhealthy one. Luckily, we have listed some techniques to help you employ the best softener beard.

Regularly Trim Your Beard with Scissors

Doing a spot check on your beard is very important. You can do that by combing your beard upwards, making your beard look like a lion’s. Then comb it back into place to see which hair sticks up and stand out. Once you see them, snip at those unwanted beard using scissors.  Doing this will help you check unruly, rigid hairs.

Wash Your Beard Daily

Washing your beard regularly will give you several benefits like. First, using a hydrating cleanser to clean your facial hair will not only clean it but condition it as well and at the same time, add moisture to each strand. Secondly, washing your beard will wash away grime, dirt and excess oil that compromise the growth of each hair. It might not be visible to human eyes, but there are pests gathered at both the base and along the follicle shaft and you can obliterate anything that doesn’t belong in your beard by simply scrubbing beard soap unto your facial hair.

Soften Your Beard by Applying Conditioner or Oils Twice Daily

The most important step to achieving a soft beard is by applying a beard conditioner or beard oil twice a day. These products has all the sorts of vitamins and minerals that would penetrate the hair and make it softer, relax and shiny. You will notice that your hair will become easier to style and it will move gently against your skin so no more scratching and scraping for you.

Depends on what you opt to use, either conditioner or oil. Either way, massage your chosen product into your beard and unto the skin underneath it to nourish the dry skin and feed the follicle at the same time. Distribute the product on your facial hair evenly by using a comb.

Get a Good Beard Comb or Brush

Beard come does not only distribute any products on your hair thoroughly, it also is a good tool to check your hair for any stubborn, stiff strays once your hair is brushed or combed into place.

Use a Balm to Style Your Beard

Having a beard balm ready is always a good idea as it will give you total control over your desired beard style since it is a bit heavy duty compared to beard oils and conditioner. hey’re also loaded with nourishing ingredients that soften and protect both the hair and the skin underneath, just like a lip balm shields your kissers in the winter. It will not only help you achieve the look you want but keep your hair looking and smelling good at the same time.