Hiking to Kaniakapupu Palace, Oahu

First let me explain something, getting to Kaniakapupu Palace isn’t actually a hike, it’s very close to the road. We were following some bad directions and walked for about a mile past the turn we needed. It was the best thing we could have done though. I’ve never seen bamboo so dense. It was out of this world.

So before we even entered the trail, the road leading to it was beautiful. The tree and bamboo had overgrown and tangled together, creating a natural tunnel. The trail head was literally just an unmarked separation in the bamboo.

After we missed our turn, we stumbled across some really cool things! One was a small stream with a mini waterfall. There was also an old tent left with what looked like all of someone’s belongings. Shoes, clothes, luggage, cooler… Not really sure what was going on there. The bamboo got really dense and we had to weave in and out, and climb over a lot of fallen trees. Once the trail started to become unrecognizable, we turned around and headed towards the ruins.

The ruins were amazing! It wasn’t large but so, so beautiful! It was misting a little and everything looked so green. People left offerings for the king in front of the palace, mostly granola bars.

On the road walking back to the car, we turned to see one of the most beautiful sites. This tree was absolutely amazing. The light hitting it, the mountains in the background, and the vegetation growing up the surrounding trees. I won’t soon be forgetting that view.